1. Program pricing and payment Information

Yes, students get up to 50% off the full cost of the course upon verification of their student status credentials. Additional discounts are also available for groups of three or more students.
Course payments are made by credit cards through secured and trackable Paypal platform.
No, course participants do not require a Paypal account to make a payment.
There is no additional service charge for the program.
Yes, you will receive a Paypal receipt that can be used for corporate reimbursement. If you require a receipt in a special format please inform the program support team and you will get a receipt in 24 hours.
Yes, if your email address is identifiable with your employer. Please send a mail to [email protected] and the support team will provide you and invoice and a program login for you to start the program.

2. Product and Program Information

The full course program is approximately 20 hours of instruction and can be completed in three days. However, the selections are individually selectable, and the program can be paced based on your schedule.
Each individual session is roughly 20-40 minutes long. The sessions can be paused and restarted at any time, or rewatched unlimited times.
The full course program is approximately 20 hours of instruction and can be completed in three days. However, the selections are individually selectable, and the program can be paced based on your schedule.
Instruction is provided through pre-recorded and periodically updated presentations with instructors on camera. This is supplemented with detailed and downloadable presentations. Concept check questions serve to reinforce the learning goals.
Yes, session presentations are downloadable. However, all course materials are copyright protected.
Yes. There are 10 multiple choice questions for each session with increasing level of difficulty.
No, the concept check questions directly relate to the session materials and can be easily completed. However, they are comprehensive and require a reasonably good grasp of the concepts covered in respective sessions.
Yes, concept check question sets can be attempted up to five times before participants are asked to review the sessions.
No, due to copyright and file size limitations downloading of videos is not possible.
Course instructors are active industry professionals and involved in large and complex LIBOR/RFR transformation programs. They are abreast of industry developments and
No, discontinuation after registration is not possible. However, several foundation sessions are provided to provide conceptual learning that does not require paid registration. Please use the “Try” function on the program.
The sessions are 30-40 minutes long.
Yes, there are numerous practical examples and real-life situations described in the program.
Yes, the program videos and content can be delivered through any device and browser.
The program is designed to for industry professionals and students who have demanding schedules. Initial sessions cover basic fixed-income concepts and provide an overview of LIBOR transition. Some quantitative sessions require practical knowledge of RFR curve building.
Unless participants are part of an institution, corporate, firm or university program sharing of logins is against program policy.

3. Instructor Information

Yes of course. Course faculty will address your questions sent through email to [email protected]. Faculty is also available for pre-scheduled video conference
LIBOR BOOTCAMP instructors are highly qualified practitioners with over 50 years of collective banking and software industry experience. Their biographies are provided on the LIBOR BOOTCAMP website. Their Linkedin profles are:
Expert faculty is drawn from senior industry professionals including Ann Battle – Head of ISDA’s RFR Reform.

4. Help and Support

Yes, LIBOR BOOTCAMP is supported by a team of customer service specialists for technical questions and content support. Faculty is also available to answer specific content related questions with a 24-hour turnaround.
Please email your questions to [email protected] and instructors will address your questions within a 24 hour turnaround. Please send your specific questions by email and course faculty will address the questions in 24 hours.

5. CPD Credits

There are 12 sessions in the program that are assigned for CPD accreditation. These are divided into two consecutive groups. Each group comprises six sessions and course participants can opt for three or six CPD credits. Six CPD credits are covered by the course fees in addition to all additional sessions.
CPD Accreditation is provided after completing three/six hours of session time and concept check questions for a defined learning path approved by CPD. Program Certification is provided after a participant completes any twelve hours of the program and concept check questions. For more questions on this please send an email to [email protected]